Working in Finland

While you are learning in Finland, we also encourage you to go ahead and gather some work experience. There are numerous outstanding work opportunities available within Finland.

As a part of your degree, you will be able to do an internship. Moreover, you will also be able to work for many industries in Finland. According to recent studies, it has been identified that around 95% of the students in Finland are employed part-time. You can work for 25 hours a week and earn a decent income with part-time studies.

International students who come to Finland often work in grocery stores, warehouses, restaurants, and on maintenance services. If you want to get experience, you may think about volunteering in Finland as well. There are some amazing volunteering opportunities available at the NGOs in Finland.

Finding a job in Finland is not so easy for an international student. You need to be ready to spend a considerable amount of energy and time on it. However, you can start off by reaching out to the Career Services team at the university. Or else, you may get in touch with one of the job recruitment agencies located in Finland as well. You can submit your application and see if you can get into any of the job opportunities available at them. We will assist you in landing a job, 99% of our student were landed a job after 1 month in Finland.

Yes, there are some seasonal job opportunities available in Finland. In most instances, these seasonal job opportunities are available during summer. You will be able to find a job at one of the farms in Finland and work for it to earn an extra income.

Before you apply for a job in Finland, it is important to get your CV updated according to the Finnish format. There are CV templates available on the internet. You can download one of them and get your details updated. Then you can hunt for a job that matches your qualifications on the internet.

Part-time jobs for students are mostly available in the towns. You will have to work at restaurants, retail stores, and on cleaning jobs in most instances. The minimum wage for a part-time job in Finland is between 9 to 13 Euros per hour. You can work a part-time job for a maximum of 25 hours per week.

After graduation, you will be eligible to have a 2-year residence permit. This is where you can stay back in Finland for two years and look for a job. Once you secure a job, you will be able to apply for a 4-year work permit. After that, you will be able to apply for permanent residency in Finland and if you speak the language you can apply for citizenship.

There is a high demand for IT-related jobs in Finland. This demand is expected to increase along with time as well. Moreover, the country has an excellent paper and pulp industry. You can find some great opportunities there as well.