Finland is the happiest country in the world. On the other hand, Finland has an excellent education system. It’s a dream come true for any student to get into a university in Finland. Our team at EduFinlandia is there to provide all the support you want. Here are some great reasons to move to Finland.

Excellent education system

Some of the top-ranked universities in the world are located in Finland. You can get into one of these universities and pursue your education without spending a fortune.

Career opportunities

You can work 25 hours a week part-time while you pursue your education in Finland. Upon graduation, you will be getting a one-year post-graduate visa. Finding a job to suit your skills in Finland would never be a challenge.

An easy pathway to permanent residency

You can get your Finland permanent residency four years after graduation. In another five years, you can get your permanent residency and if you speak the language you can apply to the citizenship.

Exposure to innovation

Finland is one of the most innovative countries out there in the world. You can get a first-hand experience with innovation while you are studying in Finland.

Safe and stress-free

Finland is among the safest countries in the world to visit as of now. You can live your life without any stress during your studies and even after that.

Live a happier life

Finland is the happiest country in the world as of now. You will surely fall in love with everything that Finland has to offer during your stay.

Why EduFinlandia?

University partnerships

We maintain partnerships with some of the leading universities in Finland. These partnerships help us to provide direct access to their degree programs.

Guaranteed acceptance

Upon completion of our “Pathway to Finland” program, you can secure guaranteed acceptance to the university of your choice in Finland.

Personalized guidance

We are there to provide much-needed guidance to you throughout the process of applying for a university in Finland. You can rely on us, and we will never leave you behind.

Visa support

Our team will guide you with getting a Finland visa as well. You can follow our guide to collect all documents and submit them to get a guaranteed visa. Success rate of the resident permit has been 99%.

Quick turnaround

Our team is responsive, and you can expect us to get back to you with a quick turnaround time. We will never ghost you!

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